My "work" is based around emerging software companies. I have been lucky in that work has always been fun - mostly because of the great people I have had the chance to work with.

After Bluestone I started consulting with companies. I settled into a pattern where I will work with a couple of companies at a time and be an investor, board member and close advisor. I really like to know the people and the market and the technology and feel like I am a part of the company. This has worked out well in terms of having fun, making a decent contribution, and making money.

Quick recap:

Bluestone got acquired by HP for $450M in 2000. Then shut it down a couple of years later. Difficult and the biggest loss in my life.

JBoss got acquired by Red Hat for $350M in 2006. This has become the fastest growing part of Red Hat and it is regarded as a very successful acquisition.

Bristol Technology was acquired by HP in 2007. While the investors did not make a lot of money, the business has done very well inside HP and is considered quite a success.

Princeton Softech was acquired by IBM in 2007 for $290M. I was an advisor for the company, and did not do much, but did help in recruiting Shaun Conolly and Al Smith to the company - who were critical to turning this company around. Al went on the run this division at IBM for 3 very successful years.

I also helped out Jaspersoft a bit thru a couple of generations of management team. They were acquired by TIBCO for $185M in 2014 and are still a strong business inside TIBCO.

Hyperic was acquired by Spring, which was in turn acquired by VMWare for $420M. Hyperic brought real value to Spring and caused revenues to accelerate rapidly, and the Spring division has grown many times since the acquisition in 2009.

I was also on the Board of Metaverse, where I get to work with Rich and Tom. They are still running the business productively - I just ran out of time.

In 2012 I sold my half of the Moorestown Running Company to my partner, Dave Welsh.

So 6 of the 7 technology businesses, and the running store business continue today, and that makes me happy.


In 2010 I started helping my good friend Sacha Labourey on a new project called CloudBees. Our stroke of brilliance was to become friends witht he incredible Kohsuke Kawaguchi, the founder of the Jenkins open source project. CloudBees supports the open source project and has a commercial set of offerings for Continuous Delivery of software. Over 170,000 organizations worldwide use Jenkins and CloudBees has grown to be one of the leading DevOps companies in the market with over 250 employees in 2017. I get to work with many old friends such as Michel Goosens, Laurence Poussot and Andre Pino along with new friends like Anthony Paladino, Harpreet Singh and Spike Washburn. We have a couple of great investors - David Skok and John Vrionis. I am more "active" than typical board members - getting to know people at the company and helping to evolve the product strategy and overall business strategy.

In the summer of 2009 I finally started a project with Stephen Sigwart to allow race directors to bring online registration to their websites. There was a need in the endurance market to have better technology to bring the many parts of a race together. is the result of that. Since 2010, we have grown quickly and are the largest endurance registration company in the US market, along with doing lots of other fun stuff like RaceJoy and The Race Director. Today I spend most of my time on RunSignUp along with an amazing team.