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Can I possibly be this lucky?
  • Happily married for 41+ years with two fantastic daughters.
  • Having a blast seeing GiveSignup | RunSignUp grow. We've helped our customers raise over $1 Billion since we started and are well on our way to helping them raise $1 Billion each year.
  • A fun technology career working with amazing, smart people like Sacha Labourey at CloudBees.

I do a yearly review of GiveSignup | RunSignUp  now:
2020 Year in Review
2019 Year in Review
2018 Year in Review
2017 Year in Review
2016 Year in Review
2015 Year in Review
2014 Year in Review
2013 Year in Review

GiveSignup | RunSignup Key Stats

- 21,000 Races (25% market in share in endurance)
- 9,000 Nonprofits
- $270 Million in transactions in 2019
- $218 Million in 2020 - a major accomplishment compared with other event companies like Eventbrite
- 2.5% Competitor Churn, 5% event churn 2017-2019, with overall less than 4% transaction volume churn
- Profitable in 2018 and 2019

There is an incredible opportunity to bring our technology, self serve based customer interaction model, and transaction based pricing business model to the nonprofit market. While we have plenty of growth ahead of us in the endurance market (we did $270M in transactions in 2019 out of a $1B market), nonprofit events and online giving represent an opportunity at least 50X that size. The market is served by marketing/sales driven firms without strong technology. Most nonprofits are paying subscription fees. And are held up by their vendors with exclusive contracts that lock them in to old technology. Just as we were a breath of fresh air to the endurance market 10 years ago, nonprofits are beginning to see GiveSignup as a real option to engage with their supporters.

Our goal is to help our endurance customers raise $500 Million per year, and grow GiveSignup ticket and donation revenue for our nonprofit customers to a similar amount so in total we help our customers raise $1 Billion per year in the next 5-7 years. And even then, it will still be Day 1.