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Bluestone was really where I "grew up" professionally. Some day I will write up a little history from my rememberances and perspective. For now, it was a unique setting with a great group of people coming together to create something from nothing. It was devastating to tear it apart after HP had acquired it - a waste of good code and good people. A lot of lessons were learned and everyone has moved on - many with a great amount of success.

Our big break was developing Sapphire/Web in 1994 - one of the very first products that made it easy to develop database driven applications for the web.



When we first agreed to be acquired by HP, I thought it was a good idea. But plans do not always turn out. Just ask Carly and Capellas who looked so happy right after the Compaq acquisition was done.

Post HP


When I left HP, I had my compatriot, Al Smith, perform a ceremony - much like a dishonorable discharge, where he tore off my HP logo...

It was certainly dishonorable since we had to lay off about 600 people in the HP Middleware Division, which I headed at the time. To say it helped me readjust my life priorities is an understatement.  And, no I am not a supporter of the Carly for President campaign...

Bluestone Pictures

Bluestone Video

Video from 2000 when Bluestone was acquired by HP. Talks about the run up to going public and our growth.